The Translation ServicesAnd Types

Language is a power tool of communication between human beings that clearly projects the purpose of communication. Though other forms of communication like, sign-language communication, communicating through pictures and diagrams antedates the language or oral communication,this has paved way for the growth of civilization and integrity among different nations and cultures.

‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart’ quoted the famous politician cum philanthropist Nelson Mandela. How true are these words!You instantly connect tothose people, who speak your language and even more magically if it’s your mother language.

Even if it’s not your mother language, however, it entails a common language to strike friendship with other people, without any reservations and apprehensions. This holds true not only in personal circumstances, but also for political, business and cultural scenarios.
For a business to sustain and flourish in a new, nonnative land, it is vital to comprehend the language and culture of the region, to instantly attract the customers. The political bigwigs of different nations can foster healthier relationships, only by communicating in a language understood by both of them. Internet and globalization renders nothing with poor or nil communication. If you are interested in simultaneous-interpretation you may find more by clicking this link

Rationally, it is impossible for all of them to learn or interpret all these different languages; the political and business dignitaries are no exception to this. Here comes the succor in the form of ‘Translation Services’.

History& Significance of Translation

Translators or Translation services have proved their prominence even before the emergence of ‘industrialization’ and ‘internet-ization’. History marks the date of the first translated ‘clay tablets’ to about 2500 BCE, which contain the bilingual vocabularies in both Sumerian and Eblan languages.

The revolution happened with the translations of religious texts, particularly the bible’stranslation by Saint Jerome, around 4th century. sstingly this translation even led to the split of Christianity into two powerful groups of Roman Catholics and Protestants, due to the differences in the interpretations of translated passages.


Then comes the significant translations of literatures and other manuscripts, greatly contributed by Arabs, Indians and Chinese especially Buddhist monks. With the growth of industrialization, translators played an important role in promoting the trade and business among various nations.


Even now, several sectors are dependent on translation services like politics, health care, business, finance, legal system etc. If not for translators and translation services, globalization would have experienced a serious set-back, paving way for troubled relationships and regresses.


Types of Translations

True that, the standard and authenticity of the translated text, depends upon how it is interpreted. But do you know there is a separate service or segment of translators called interpreters? Now, to clear out the confusion, translation is generally referred to the textual translations, whereas interpretation or interpreters refer to the instant translation of words, used particularly during any conferences or foreign political meet-ups.
Translation services, significantly serves wide varieties of sectors and based on the nature of the sector or the content translated, classified as,

  • Business translations

The translated content here is entirely business jargons, where it includes, business ads, business reports, company accounts, tender documents, business contracts etc. These crucial translations enhance the business and growth of the company and hence are highly vital for the organization’s success.

  • Medical or Health care translations

This includes critical documents pertaining to medical or health care sector, and any mistranslations may lead to serious implications on person’s or society’s health factor. The critical documents might be medicine or drug labelling, medical handbooks, equipment manuals etc. Because of the seriousness involved, only a specialized translator would do justice to this service.

  • Financial translations

This type of translation services is highly favored in stocks and commodities sectors, banking sectors, insurance sectors and investment sectors where the content for translation is anything financial.

  • Legal translations

The most complicated form of translation services is the legal translations, where the target audience might involve people from various nations and groups particularly in case of political treaties or contracts and business legal documents. Only an expert or well experienced translator can do a meaningful translation in this critical scenario.

  • General translations

These are the general purpose translations for any social or cultural activity, parties and personal reasons etc., that do not need any specialization.

  • Computertranslations

These are the translations related to programming languages, tools, customized software etc.

  • Literature translations

The interesting form of translation is the literature translation, which promotes the cultural harmony and exchange of beliefs among various nations. The translation work might include novels, religious books, mythological tales, literature works pertaining to specific language or culture etc.


Based on the medium of translation involved, there are two types of translations.

  • Human Translation

Here the translator or interpreter is a human, who has command over the language and specialization in the translation domain.

  • Machine translation

Also known as electronic or digital translation, this involves the support of various, specific, translation devices or computer software. This type of translation is gaining popularity because of its simplicity, accessibility and availability.
Thus, translation sector is an ever-booming business, where with proper knowledge and training, you can achieve success with unparalleled dedication. Also, in this technological era of globalization, connectivity is such a vital parameter, without which all these innovations deems meaningless.
Translators or Translation services are the ones who help to connect us beyond borders and differences!